He is listed on the roster as attack, but...
by irishdoc01 (2018-06-05 21:03:03)
Edited on 2018-06-05 22:20:34

In reply to: Am I wrong. We'ren't we playing him at attack this year?  posted by flanner96

that's not too reliable. Willets is listed as a midfielder for example. Drake subbed in through the box as part of the top group of offensive midfielders in the middle of the year. He displayed prowess both shooting from up top and dodging from X. He started a couple games at midfield when Costabile and Gleason were hurt, and spent some time on the top EMO unit. Seemed to disappear, presumably injured, from the UNC game on. He was dressed for the tournament game against Denver, but did not play.

I expect he'll be an important cog in the offense next year at attack and/or midfield.