Yes...because we don't have a softball pedigree beyond
by Domerduck (2018-06-06 00:07:52)

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the current coaches run,which she extended now 17 years. You look at FSU, they already had been to the CWS many times and were able to get a strong MWC coach with Oklahoma and Stanford ties to take over and try to imporve. It took her 10 years at FSU to finally win it all and that's with lots more games in Tallahassee (34) that often get over 1000 fans. Given South Bend's weather we can't even host that many games at home (only 18) and no SEC nor PAC12 nor BIg 12 teams will travel here. FSU had Oregon, Minnesota, Michigan, Florida, Louisiana, Auburn and LSU all played FSU in Tallahassee. In fact Notre Dame played the Big 10 regular season champs and Big 10 tourney champs (Michigan and Minnesota) in Tallahassee where we went 3-1 against them. That was before we went 2-0 against Michigan in Lexington in the NCAAs. The best non-ACC team that came to SB was Northwestern for 1 game since we played in Evanston against them in 2017.

I do think she know how to recruit ND which is why here teams keep winning. I know people want NCs but NCAA streaks should not be taken lightly, particularly when 10 of her peers didn't make it this year. I truly believe Gumpf's tenure should be renewed until she misses an NCAA or one of the up and comers ACC teams (like Duke) pass ND by with a CWS appearance. Until then it's too risky to make a change. We could have another Aoki.