I get that, but some quick search numbers
by NDoggie78 (2018-08-10 09:04:36)
Edited on 2018-08-10 09:05:06

In reply to: It's not an absolute number of scholarships by sex  posted by tf86

showed ND at 53% male, 47% female

UofL was about 50% each (49.5% male, 50.5 female)

That doesn't appear far enough apart to allow ND 35 more men's scholarships than Louisville, yet 7 fewer women's. Either enrollment numbers are wrong, there's more criteria I'm not considering, ND out of compliance (maybe I should quit looking), OR Louisville as room to add more men's scholarships (lacrosse).

Now, there could be many more reasons for not adding, I just don't think Title IX is it (and again I could be completely wrong). This is given as the excuse whenever the question comes up - it's easy to blame "Title IX", but ND has found a way to do it.

One more thing, since hoomanbeing first brought up Title IX, I looked at UVA's numbers, too. They list 13 Men's varsity sports, and 14 Women's varsity sports (they list squash for both men's and women's, but I couldn't find NCAA scholarship limits for squash).
Total Men's scholarships = 173.6
Total Women's scholarships = 143

Enrollment percentages Men 44.3%, Women 55.7%
So those numbers don't work out either.
Obviously, I know less than these Universities and the NCAA rules, but my point still stands - if ND and UVA can have a lacrosse team under Title IX restrictions, it would "appear" UofL could as well.