UConn to add men's lacrosse?
by tf86 (2018-09-12 11:18:54)

College Crosse, at least, is hinting that that is a real possibility. See link.

From the perspective of growing the game, UConn adds little. However, I seem to recall UConn conducting a study on this point a few years back. Of the FBS schools that currently do not have men's lacrosse, UConn is one of the more glaring omissions. So UConn passing on this option for any reason other than an insurmountable Title IX situation could be very detrimental to the possibility of other FBS schools adding the sport in the future.

From UConn's perspective, it would seem to be a good move. Given the school's history with the Big East, they would seem a natural fit within that conference. They're located in a lacrosse hotbed, and while there are five other Division I programs currently operating instate, only one (Yale) is a lacrosse powerhouse, and the others are all private schools. UConn being able to offer public tuition may be a benefit in an Olympic sport (likely less of one in men's lacrosse than in most other Olympic sports, but I hesitate to say that it would be of no importance).