I think the new rules impacted recruiting
by Steelhop (2018-09-26 17:01:17)
Edited on 2018-09-26 17:03:05

In reply to: Recruiting insight?  posted by Morrissey79

Juniors aren't allowed to talk with coaches until September 1st of their Junior year - which would be a few weeks ago. If you go to IL's rankings and click on a player, many of the dates of commitment was back in 2016, which means to mean those commitments could be up in the air (in both directions). If a kid has committed after that date like Brendan Grimes did to Hopkins on 9/18/18, that would be a hard commitment. Note: Grimes is listed as committed to OSU on the IL list but clicking on his profile page shows he decommitted from OSU and committed to Hopkins on the 18th.

In short, I would take the current rankings with a grain of salt. Welcome to the new normal.