There is no way you can predict how the season will unfold.
by RagingBull (2019-02-24 13:59:35)

In reply to: Schedule  posted by Domer65

I've been around the game for about 40 years. The youth game has exploded for decades and the amount of talent at the high school level - especially when you consider the vast amount in Canada - doesn't match the number of D1 teams out there.

Twenty or even ten years ago you could look at the schedule and figure out who the guarantees were. Not anymore.

We could 11-1 or 1-11. Your conclusion might be right. We may end up 6-6. But so will most teams. Colgate over Syracuse. High Point over Duke. Richmond almost beat Maryland as well as us. The upsets will keep coming.

The concern stems not from the schedule but the ineptitude on offense. Garnsey's loss is felt but the team approach Corrigan preaches could click. There is a staleness and tightness on the offensive end that needs to be corrected. It wasn't there against Mercy but Loftus games are never a good barometer.

We have plenty of talent even without Garnsey. The season will come down to how well we play at the X, how tight Corrigan makes the team - especially on Offense, and whether Schmidt can hot and steal a game or two.