Irish beat Denver 10-7. Never really in doubt.
by Otter (2019-03-10 00:06:59)
Edited on 2019-03-10 09:19:34

Fantastic defensive effort by Notre Dame throughout the whole game. Schmidt was really good including a save with less than a minute left with Denver on the extra man again.

Notre Dame was good on face-offs. Denver was frustrated and took a lot of bad penalties. Tierney himself got an unsportsmanlike penalty for riding the officials.

As I said earlier, Denver’s offensive game does not do well with the shot clock. For years I’ve been frustrated with them taking three and four minutes on a possession. Tonight was fabulous to watch as they forced bad shots to try to beat the clock.

Costabile voted player of the game. This was the annual Pacific Coast Shootout in San Diego. Huge win