I think it would have to be a special situation
by tf86 (2022-06-07 15:01:21)
Edited on 2022-06-07 15:01:50

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For an affiliate member. Johns Hopkins, maybe Denver. But I don't see either of those programs, at least not in the near future, leaving their present conference affiliations.

Someone on this board has said that Florida State has a sugar daddy lined up for men's lacrosse in the event that the school can overcome the Title IX issues presented by adding the sport. That's a big if, however. Florida State, in particular, has the highest percentage of female students in the ACC IIRC, which makes it a little tougher for them to add a male sport. I've also heard rumblings about BC and Louisville (mostly on this board), but nothing definite. I've stated before my opinion that the ACC would need to add two homegrown programs at once, given that if only one were added, that program would be in the cellar for the foreseeable future. From a Title IX standpoint, I would agree with Terry Foy that the schools in the best position to add the sport are Division I schools without football or women's lacrosse. Obviously that eliminates any ACC school. Never say never, but it will be difficult.