G'Town: 24-9 (Saves) and 20-10 (turnovers)
by RagingBull (2022-06-22 16:56:52)

In reply to: Our freshman FOGO was certainly playing well...  posted by flanner96

We lost the FO battle 20-9 against G'Town. It definitely was a problem. No doubt. But G'Town goalie McElroy played out of his mind. We were also +10 in turnovers. So we had 10 more possessions than G'Town and our shooting was abysmal, made difficult by McElroy. Jakoboice was 0-9 that day and Kavanaugh was 1-10.

Against MAryland, we got the crap beaten out of us on faceoffs by Luke Wierman but he was a 1st Team AA. And McNaney had 2 more saves than Entmann. 12-10. Kavanaugh also shot like crap that day because he was trying to do too much. Insert Jake Taylor later in the season and it freed up Kavanaugh who wasn't double teamed or forced to iso. He could dish to Taylor.