Not anymore. Lots of guys are moving down into
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the club ranks. The women's head coach at Hopkins just "retired" and became a consultant to club teams. He's probably making about the same amount of money as he was at Bryant.

TBH, that is were all the money is. Lots of private capital getting involved in youth sports. As demented at that is to type it isn't just lax but lots of youth sports. He doesn't have to deal with the headaches of NIL and the NCAA (or whatever it becomes down the road_. Here he only has to deal with parents. Though that has its own set of challenges at the youth level.

It also isn't surprising that he is coaching at a private HS and likely a club director for a travel team. The most successful HS teams (and most of those are private) are quasi-affiliated with some type of travel/club lax team. It isn't a complete overlap as BI's grandson demonstrates but lots of HS coaches that run club teams try to keep some overlap between their HS rosters and club team.

Slight nit, Highland Park is a public school
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One of the most ridiculously wealthy in the state but it's still a public school

Dom Starsia coaches high school in Va.
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I think it's equal parts cure for boredom, financial boost (coaches have only recently made some decent money), and an altruistic sense of giving back to the sport that gave them a lot.

Totally agree on the money in the clubs. It's absurd and we are just getting out of the throws of it with my daughter. The issue is that there are way too many talented young men and women playing the sport and not enough spots at quality schools - even at D3 level. Having a coach of Tucker's stature (or Starsia or Pressler's) be able to give a blessing to a kid and call up a college is priceless. And in Highland Park, TX money is not an obstacle.

As an aside, Tucker is awesome and she'll be missed. She coached my daugher's team at camp and I talked to her for a while. She representated Hopkins well.

Tony Seaman came out of retirement to coach HS ball in FL
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His team won a state title.

Maybe there's an aspect of helping to spread the game for Pressler and Seaman, I don't know.