As you said below - gelling on D was mission critical.
by RagingBull (2023-03-11 16:25:29)

In reply to: Outstanding win.  posted by flanner96

Arden Cohen was a huge loss. So you pick up an All-American from Yale and a 4-year starter from Holy Cross. Their leadership and steadiness has been phenomenal. Jose Boyer has been great. The communication and back-side slides were terrific. Wellner's D-style has been similar to Byrnes - lots of ealy slides and support and force outside shots for the goalie to make the save.

On Offense - you add grad students from UVA and Yale. There is an insane level of depth. You could go 5 and 6-deep at Attack and be fine but having bros. as feisty as the Kavanaughs is a dream scenario for Corrigan.

Corrigan will hang 25 on Carolina. UVA will be tough. I think we may drop 1 or 2 but this will be MD, UVA, ND in the Final 4.