I have to disagree. F/O is but one element, but
by Fightorflight (2023-03-20 09:35:05)

In reply to: The obsession over Faceoffs is misplaced.  posted by RagingBull

In the tournament it has the potential to be the most important element. Lynch and the wings did a great job against Maryland when we really needed wins in the fourth quarter, but you may very well see Defensive tactics change in a close game if you have little faith in your ability to win a face off. Any blame is on the entire F/O unit so it is unfair to single Lynch out, but you have to expect there will be close games where we desperately need possession, and there has been little to suggest confidence if that situation arises. It is clear they are National Championship caliber offensive, defensive, and goaltending units. But it is fair to express concern that the face off unit could wind up wasting that talent if nothing changes. Hold me, I’m Irish.