I'm 100% with you. Single payer is the only answer at this
by dulac89 (2023-03-25 12:15:42)

In reply to: They’ve also made the peer to peer review process a PITA  posted by Wrathofsorin


The insurance companies at this point are corrupt and beholden to profits. From a state legislative level, just when you think things they are telling the legislators and policies they are enacting could not get more comical, they do.

That being said, the health insurance companies are so ridiculously powerful at this point that I don't see any possible exit strategy. They own the legislators, they own state and federal regulatory agencies, and physicians are stuck holding the bag

We have an issue going on right now with CMS over Medicaid Managed Care reimbursements. In the past, when this particular policy was enacted in other states, within 12 months CMS shot it down (while the insurance companies pocketed the difference in the meantime). In Virginia, CMS approved it, despite federal law actually clarifying even more than before that it is illegal. Shortly after, that person left CMS for a lucrative job with Anthem. Her replacement...delayed review for a year, then took a lucrative job with the health plans. So for 2 year the health insurance companies are pocketing (through decreased reimbursements...this is above an beyond their normal profits) between $25 and $75 on nearly every patient that comes to an ER.