That's true
by AquinasDomer (2023-03-25 16:38:49)

In reply to: Single payer is not nationalized healthcare *  posted by dulac89

I was contrasting the Bismsrk model with that. I think that

A) it's more likely to get to through gradual reform/evolution and

B) Harder to screw up in the long run (more actors to stop you from arbitrarily freezing benefits) and

C) easier to incorporate supplementary insurance/split off things that are able to be priced in a more free market manner.

I think proposing single payer gives insurance companies something to run against (big gov taking your docs away) vs attacking insurance companies for distorting the market and regulating them.

Granted, the new way to attack reform seems to be calling anything that reduces spending cutting Medicare, so this probably won't get resolved until we're staring at the edge of the fiscal cliff.