Rawley's Drive-In or Super Duper Weenie, Fairfield, CT
by Wooderson (2017-09-12 11:09:12)

In reply to: NE Food road trip recs  posted by 570tosb

Easy access off of I-95, amazing food at both (partial to Rawley's, as is Martha Stewart) and you can't beat the price, the taste, or the ambiance.

CT has a whole trail of Diners/Drive-Ins/Dives off of CT Rt 25. Worth a google. The ones up 25 are a bit out of the way, but you could make a go of it by taking 25 north from Bridgeport, CT, hitting a few stops, and continuing on to I-84 which takes you to I-90 and I-495 (circles around Boston and gets you to Maine faster).