Bring your waders
by sprack (2017-09-12 12:03:16)
Edited on 2017-09-12 12:09:05

In reply to: Anything I absolutely have to see/do in Charleston?  posted by CMillar

I kid, I figure you're not going there this week.

If you are intent on staying close by, go to the City Market. It's right downtown. Hell, go there no matter what, it's easy.

You could also catch a harbor tour in walking distance from the historic district and go to the USS Yorktown and/or Fort Sumter.

For me, the Yorktown was #1. It's not every day you can tour a WWII aircraft carrier (I've also been on her sister ship, the Lexington, in Corpus Christi). It's the second Yorktown as the first was sunk at Midway.