Wife wants to go to Ann Arbor for a baby shower USC Weekend
by Lambconnection (2017-09-12 14:03:15)

We just got married 9 days ago so I guess she's already trying to test the strength of our bond. The woman who is having the baby is a family friend of my wife's and was our photographer at the wedding. Her sister is a USC grad.

One the one hand, I hate baby showers and don't think I should be expected to go, I would be fine if I never stepped in Ann Arbor ever, and I don't like the idea of watching the game with an SC fan (I have a tendency to be less than tactful when watching any ND game, much less USC in Ann Arbor with an SC fan).

On the other hand, I feel somewhat obligated because she did a great job on our wedding photography for a more than reasonable price and more importantly I wish to please my new bride.

Any advice oh wise BR?