Well, yeah McGill's less expensive. It's in Canada
by sprack (2017-09-12 17:02:07)
Edited on 2017-09-12 17:40:19

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But you should move to Quebec if you want to really benefit. You'll pay like 8 grand, tops.

I worked with a lot of Canadians in my old job, in fact my boss was Canadian and half the department was. There is no public/private divide for universities in Canada, and the cost is subsidized for all schools more than most state schools here. I was traveling once with a colleague whose daughter started at UWO the same year my daughter transferred to ND. When I told him what I was paying and he told me what he was paying we were both stunned. For opposite reasons. But their taxes are higher, so there's that. Kind of.

Here's another one. My cousin's son just started this week at St. Andrew's in Scotland. Tuition for overseas students? £20 grand a year or at current rates about $26 grand. And the kid gets to go to St. Andrew's in Scotland. And if he were a Brit it would be less than half that. Now, the kid is brilliant and my cousin lives in California and his son got into Cal (among others), which is still a bargain in-state and less than he's paying for St. Andrews - but the kid gets to go to St. Andrews. Not a bad deal.