calling Excel Studs and Studettes
by vivaflanner (2017-09-12 18:16:52)

I make frequent use of pivot tables.

One limiting/annoying factor is that when setting up other tables/reports that link to pivot table data, one cannot set up the formulas that reference the pivot table by dragging.

Instead, you have to select cell by cell in in pivot table.

By this I mean, Lets suppose you have a 10 column wide by 40 row high pivot table. If you need to grab the first 4 columns and rows 12-32 for a smaller report, you cant just link the upper left corner of your new report to the pivot, and drag over 4 and down 20 rows. You have to select each of the 40 reference individually. Takes forever and you're bound to make a mistake.

Anyone know how to work this better (I know I could make another pivot table, but they arent as easy to format/work with as plain cells)