Different considerations for women vs. men students
by HoundDog1973 (2017-09-13 11:35:55)

In reply to: New ND requirement: Live On Campus for 3 years  posted by ndmdchgo

Both my son (class of '08) and daughter (class of '11) attended and graduated from ND. Both had great experiences. My son lived in his dorm for 3 years then moved off campus. He did it for the experience and because most of his dorm friends moved off for senior year. He had no complaints about living in the dorm when he did. My daughter's experience was different. While she enjoyed the friends she made in her dorm, she moved off campus for her junior and senior years, although one semester junior year she was abroad. She moved off because of the stifling atmosphere of her dorm. Most of her friends felt the same way. There is a double standard at ND re men's and women's dorms. The men are treated as adults more and enjoy more freedom while the women are living in a much stricter atmosphere, which drives some of them off campus earlier. Women's dorms are not as much fun.