Sounds like Dillon in recent years
by sprack (2017-09-13 11:56:41)
Edited on 2017-09-13 12:01:57

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The biggest problem is sticking too many people into the rooms.

When I was in Dillon in the 70's we had 3 rooms for 4 guys (or 2 rooms for 3). That meant you had a "party room" with the beds, lockers and desks in the side room or rooms. There were also 3 massive quints, one on each floor. It was great. In recent years it's been two guys in each of those rooms. It's like living in a shoebox. Enduring it freshman year is one thing. For four years is quite another.

I'm told in Dillon it's finally back to the way it was since new dorms were constructed, starting with Duncan (is that true? Enquiring minds want to know).