Perhaps they should let 21yo adults posses hard liquor?
by Wooderson (2017-09-13 12:39:40)

In reply to: New ND requirement: Live On Campus for 3 years  posted by ndmdchgo

I was a junior when they announced the last booze ban. I had to con my parents into letting me move off ("forgot" to send in my rooming form) but I sent my dad a spreadsheet of the cost savings and he never said another word.

Whilst hosting a party the fall of senior year, the clock struck 3:00 and my gf, my roomie's gf, and all their girlfriends were noted as having a fun time at our place without any worries about an RA to come break up the fun.

Funny enough, no one got sick, no one got arrested, and no one drove drunk. But hey, gotta keep it in the dorms.

Wonder what they'll do about kids who get the boot off campus for disciplinary issues, or if that becomes a full on boot now.