Great stuff, as always
by tenn_subway (2017-09-13 13:35:00)

In reply to: My ESPN GGG Canelo Preview  posted by Johnnydub

I will be on GGG but it will be a small wager just to make it interesting.

I am going small because I fear what will happen if it goes to the cards.

Like the Mayweather fight, I think people are not accounting enough for the difference in cardio. Alvarez takes rounds off because his stamina isn't great. GGG has the best stamina of any fighter not named Mayweather and the best stamina for any high output fighter. I can't imagine Alvarez will sustain under the pressure he will face. Canelo needs a KO in the first 4 rounds or it will be GGG's fight as the body shots and constant pressure will be too much.