No, but he seems very aspirational-peer-ish
by ndtnguy (2019-01-10 14:19:44)
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There's nothing in that biography that suggests he has any commitment to, or background for, the task of enhancing and pursuing NDLS's status as the source of the Catholic intellectual tradition's continuing voice in American jurisprudence, or even as the one place where a first-class legal education can be meaningfully informed by that tradition.

That's the one non-fungible element of Notre Dame Law School's mission. Everything else you can get at Texas or Vanderbilt, all while saving a ton of money on winterwear. I never saw that Newton had any clue about that, which is why my impression of her never rose above the initial thought that she was a pointlessly fungible functionary hired for solely materialist, immanentist ends based on a materialist, immanentist vision of the law school's mission.

It certainly seems that whatever else she may have accomplished (and improvements in things like IP faculty appear to have been material), Newton succeeded in ensuring that the law school leadership continued in her own image. I would very much like someone to show me that I'm wrong. But I wish you luck.