24 Hours in Santiago Recs
by Keough20 (2019-01-11 20:08:45)

I'm studying abroad in Santiago, Chile this next semester, and because of the way the flight schedule worked out for me, I have 24 hours between the time I land and the time I have to be back at the airport (8 A.M. Saturday to 8 A.M. Sunday) to meet up with the other students and drive to the middle of nowhere for a pre-immersion program. I'm looking for an option for a place to stay by the airport and potential things to do that day assuming I don't just sleep the entire day.

Although I'd say that my lodging would have to be near the airport itself, I'm open to food and casual activity options that are convenient to the Metro and closer to the city center or other areas. Because I'll be living in the area for four months (Las Condes), I'm definitely not trying to check any boxes of touristy things to do, but just have a relaxing 24 hours and hopefully take advantage of my extra day in the city. Any and all recs would be greatly appreciated.