74* & Sunny in “O”Town-In Honor of Jammer Sr-(may he RIP)
by Jammer (2019-01-12 08:46:41)
Edited on 2019-01-12 15:54:16

In reply to: Good morning Mates! Get the snow shovel out! *  posted by ProV1x

My sister’s and I will be assisting my Mom in boxing up the Interior Christmas Decorations this afternoon. My Dad Loved Christmas and my Mom had their house decorated beautifully when friends & relatives visited on Monday afternoon after my Dad’s Funeral!l Service!
The Military Service at the Bushnell, Fl Military Cemetery on Tuesday morning left me Speechless!

If someone is near the Grotto, please light a candle as our “Irish Guardian Angel,” Jammer Sr guides his Family through our daily challenges, from his place in heaven!

Love Thee Notre Dame!