Yes sir! The DC burbs residents are sitting on the edge
by so-it-goes (2019-01-12 12:45:33)
Edited on 2019-01-12 17:00:02

In reply to: Good morning Mates! Get the snow shovel out! *  posted by ProV1x

of their seats, half panicked over the “ storm”’that is predicted.
Watching Irish men hoops. They are hanging in despite injuries and illness.
Only eight available to play.
Will sit and wait to see what the sky will bring. Live snow but lately am not liking having to remove it.
At least we have winter temperatures a few days in a row. Will have to light the first fire of the year later. Lotss of firewood so that is good.
Best to all. Be safe and careful shoveling and driving in the snow.
Gooooo Irish