I enjoyed the Kowloon Hotel in Kowloon Bay
by doolinbanjos (2019-02-11 08:24:35)

In reply to: Hong Kong travel  posted by IrishTerp

It's pretty convenient, is a nice part of town, and is reasonable. However, if you are doing a lot of business across the bay (in Central), then I suppose there are more convenient choices than Kowloon.

As for sights, the general tourist advice is probably better than I can do. I saw a few of those things (Victoria's Peak, ferries, Buddhist Temple, Symphony of Lights) and they were no better or worse than advertised. I enjoyed Kowloon Park (which was convenient to my Hotel). Avoid the Jade Market (better known as the "Market of Things that Look Somewhat Like Jade"). Eat Dim Sum and Chicken's Feet. That's all I got.