Some Ideas
by 330morrissey (2019-02-11 09:38:16)

In reply to: Hong Kong travel  posted by IrishTerp

If you are going the Airbnb route, pay attention to the size of the apartment. Hong Kong apartments are small by western standards.
I stayed at the Upper House in Central six months ago. It is the best city hotel I have ever stayed in. The room was about 800 square feet and had incredible views of the Harbour.
Have dinner and drinks at the China Club. Your concierge can get you in. We also enjoyed Yardbird, a Japanese restaurant run by a Canadian. And rather than reading travel websites, spend some time reading the South China Morning Post online. They have some great restaurant revues.
Finally, take a ferry to one of the outlying islands. You will shocked at how beautiful some of the beaches can be.
Don't buy a cheap suit. If you want to buy a suit, do some research and get a good one.