She had surgery and lost her voice
by rutfilthygers (2019-02-11 11:41:02)

In reply to: JA reportedly has voice troubles and has difficulty singing  posted by El Kabong

She had some nodules removed and afterwards she couldn't sing. It actually took her a long time to get her speaking voice back. If I recall correctly, she sued the doctors and reached a settlement.

As to 206er's point, it was extremely weird of the movie to keep the part in the script after Andrews turned them down. No offense to Angela Lansbury, but it was just too obvious that the part was meant as a cameo for Andrews.

Overall the movie is a disappointing misfire. Very few of the songs are any good. Lin-Manuel Miranda doesn't act his part very well. The scenes with Meryl Streep were so bad it seemed as though they would've been cut from the movie if Streep had been any other actress.