Update on my son and the soccer coach
by wcnitz (2019-02-11 13:58:05)

Some of you may remember the incident with my 14 year old son being intimidated, grabbed and basically manhandled by an adult coach half a foot taller and probably 100 pounds heavier.

I'll keep the details high level, but he was given what basically amounts to a 2 year ban. I believe this was the max he could given under the rules of the local association.

However, this ban was appealed by the coach to the state level. So, now the state association rules apply.

Assault (minus serious injury) on a minor official according to their governing rules carries a lifetime ban. It's 3 years on a non-minor. At first I was bothered that this was even appealed, but now I am looking forward to the result.

The one thing that really bothers me is that my son would like to move on from this, but it keeps dragging on. But, I'm again hoping that the adults in charge do the right thing.