Travel Advice - Elk Hunting Guides in Wyoming?
by ConnorMacManus (2019-02-12 09:35:22)
Edited on 2019-02-12 09:43:36

I know there are a few hunters in the backroom, so I was hoping to tap into the collective wisdom for an elk hunt I'd like to plan with my father later this year.

My father will be turning 70 this year, and as a gift I'd like to accompany him on a dream hunt for Elk in Wyoming. He's an avid outdoorsman and lifelong bowhunter for white tailed deer in New England. Ever since a father son road trip out west when I was in middle school, he's been fascinated by elk hunting in Wyoming, and I'd like to finally make that dream a reality.

I was wondering if any folks in the backroom had some recommendations for guides/outfitters in Wyoming that run elk hunts? Ideally, they would have knowledge or expertise in Archery hunts specifically, as this can be a bit different in practice than rifle. I'd also be willing to shell out a bit more for an upscale experience (good food, better lodging, dramatic scenery, etc) - but successful hunting is still the primary driver.

I know elk hunts (bowhunting especially) can be a bit strenuous - but my father is in decent shape for 70, and he's still active in the woods every day. But pragmatically speaking, a 5 mile hike at elevation is probably not feasible.

If anyone in the backroom has experience or recommendations to share on guided elk hunts, I'd be appreciative of any wisdom you care to share. Thanks!