Zero I suppose.
by ConnorMacManus (2019-02-12 12:17:01)
Edited on 2019-02-12 12:23:40

In reply to: How many preference points do you have?  posted by ndalum1

Forgive my ignorance, in the northeast we don't have anything like a preference point system - so I wasn't even familiar with that kind of process.

A quick google search reveals I have a little research to do on that side of things, but it looks like I can buy some extra points to increase my odds? I presume the guides/outfitters might have further suggestions on how they typically approach this process? Also, are bowhunters put into the same pool as rifle season? Or are the odds better for bow season?

If you have any other suggestions to share I'd love to hear them. I'll be doing some research on my own now.