Some ideas
by Duke Camaro (2019-02-12 14:01:11)

In reply to: MCAT prep advice  posted by 801stlouis

I second the Kahn Academy MCAT videos below. They're great and there's a ton of them. There are also a ton of resources on the sub-reddit r/MCAT ( and r/premed. Lots of discussion on what is helpful and useful. He can see what already posted and also post questions if he has them. He can also check out although that tends to be a bit more neurotic than reddit (bunch of Type A premeds).

I found the Kaplan prep books pretty good, but those are all self-directed. A big thing is to take a bunch of practice exams to get familiar with how they ask questions and how to apply the knowledge.

He should also look into the program Anki. It's a flashcard program that uses spaced repetition to solidify information. It's widely used in medical school itself.

If he really wants in-person instruction, his school or other colleges in the area might offer a prep class for cheaper than the Kaplan or Princeton Review classes.

My recommendation would be Kahn Academy combined with Kaplan prep books and practice tests and a heavy dose of an MCAT-specific Anki deck.

One note, he should plan to take the test so that he has his MCAT score back by June of the application cycle year he is applying. Applying as early as possible is essential when applying to medical school.