It can get complicated, and I'm still getting familiar
by ndalum1 (2019-02-12 14:51:54)

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with the process, myself. I just spoke with my brother, who lives in Wyoming, and it sounds like engaging an outfitter for advice is definitely the right course of action. My brother indicated that by using an outfitter, you can likely access tags that you couldn't as a self-guided hunter. (I wasn't aware of this, as I'll be doing this with a Wyoming resident, rather than an outfitter.)

Even if you decided to approach this without an outfitter, it may be doable depending on your goals; cow/calf tags are easier to get than bull tags, and there are some units with near 100% draw odds w/ 0 preference points...but the success rates are lower. You're on the right track--speak with some outfitters. And let us know how this plays out. This sounds like a great gift for your Dad.