I've never hunted Wy but have...
by IdahoLeahy (2019-02-12 15:46:54)

In reply to: Travel Advice - Elk Hunting Guides in Wyoming?  posted by ConnorMacManus

....extensively hunted elk and deer in Idaho, both rifle and archery. I've had easy hunts and hard hunts in both seasons. Oftentimes archery is a little less strenuous because you're moving slower and because the archery season is during the rut and you can bring the elk to you instead of you going to them. So your dads fitness at elevation may not be as big of an issue. You might look at a guide that uses horses to limit the amount that you're hiking.

It also looks like you have to use a guide in Wyoming if you're hunting in a federal designated wilderness.

Also, archery harvests are usually pretty low, so hopefully when you say that "successful hunting is still the primary driver" you don't necessarily mean harvesting. I've had great hunts where I didn't get my elk....though it's always better when you do. I just don't make harvesting my primary goal. From the harvest reports for 2015-2017 it looks like harvest rates for archers was 12.5-13.3%. The days to harvest was 11-12 days.

I'd practice slightly longer bow shots for hunting in the mountains out west. I haven't hunted deer in New England but I'm assuming it's tree stands or still hunting and that the shots are short.

You could also look at improving your stamina/strength (even at 70) for hunting out west. I'm sure there are programs online to guide you in this. Hiking up a mountain to get a shot can be exhausting. The less tired you are, the easier the shot.

Excellent binoculars are a must.

Best of luck for a great hunt.