Returning to Campus Survey
by FL_Irish (2020-07-01 11:58:00)

Next year my institution will be essentially online only as far as instruction goes. However, students will be given the option to return to campus if they want to and would attend class virtually from their dorm rooms (instead of doing so from their bedrooms at home). Those who do return to campus will be subject to a significant number of restrictions - 14-day quarantine on arrival, mandatory masks, no visitors, no campus gatherings, no travel outside the state during the semester, etc.

1. Given the above, would you return to campus or just stay home and take classes from there?

2. If taking a gap year was an option, would you skip the choice in #1 and just take the year off?

I have no idea what to expect in terms of what our students will decide. They are a hard charging “I want to be at the top of my field as soon as possible” lot, so I’m guessing we’ll get fewer gap year requests than one might expect. And while I was as anxious as the next guy to get out of my parents’ house and onto a college campus, it somewhat loses its luster when you’re effectively on lockdown. If I’m going to be stuck inside not doing much of anything, I think I’d just as soon have done it from my parents’ spacious home than from a prison cell-sized dorm room.

I’m betting we end up with a lot of “not taking the year off but not coming to campus” people. But again, really no idea what to expect.