I second this and McFly above.
by Deets (2020-07-01 21:21:07)

In reply to: I will pray for you.  posted by RedIrish

You are taking the right steps, and I know right now this feels very chaotic. It is the first few hundred yards of a marathon, and eventually you may find more peace and rhythm in your life than you’ve ever experienced before. I could write advice for hours, but I think RedIrish and TjMcFly hit the key points. I would only add that your own self care is the most important thing you can do for your daughter: prayer, support meetings, remaining sober, etc.

As for your wife, I know your heart is breaking. The person you fell in love with is still in there, but only she can decide to get help. Recovery only happens when the addict is choosing it for themselves. It is so hard to accept that, and to watch. She is in pain, and I know you are too. Take care of you and your daughter, and pray for your wife to make the decision to seek help.