SIAP, “Lenox Hill” on Netflix is fricking amazing. Docu-
by 1NDGal (2020-07-01 22:26:55)
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series about Lenox Hill hospital. I don’t understand why it was not publicized more aggressively.

It was set for 8 episodes, they had all 8 in the can, and then they did a special 9th episode to show how LH dealt with COVID.

I can't figure out how I feel about it.
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One one hand, I think it's an important look at the emotional investment it can take to be a physician. And given everything that's going on, it's actually quite timely.

On the other, it's a bit unfortunate their primary focus for the two female physicians was on how they balanced their career with motherhood, while the focus for the male physicians was more linked to some underlying quest to be "the best".

And this is just me, but I can never escape my cynicism in questioning the underlying motives for participating in something like this. In other words, I believe that as a physician notoriety should find you, and it shouldn't be something which is sought out.

Fair point as to notoriety. Nonetheless the work they are
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doing is fantastic. There is some reportage that the producers had to convince the doctors to participate rather than the doctors inventing a tv show for themselves.

The OB-GYN gal didn’t know she was pregnant when the series was conceived and cast. She couldn’t have. I didn’t see her story as heavy on female issues. It was more the transition from doctor to patient.

I think the male doctors had some work-life balance stuff in there, too. The wives saying that their husbands are never home, the phone calls Dr. Langer placed to his kids.