Since you're a teacher I'm guessing you have a decent health
by ndgenius (2020-07-02 08:49:35)

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care plan. Take advantage of the behavioral health benefits. At the start of the quarantine my wife and I began couples therapy targeting a couple issues that always seem to cause issues. While we are great communicators, it was something we just couldn't tackle on our own. As we've been doing this the last few months, working on some of my issues have taken me down some dark holes...our therapist has said I don't have depression but that I'm depressed (there's a different apparently) and I'm working through those issues.

My point with sharing this is that it's very hard to make a call to a friend or family member to help you with what you may be going through mentally. We do zoom calls with our therapist who is located a couple hours away in our state and I've reached out to him individually a couple times and it's really helped me get through some down times.

If that is something you would be interested in, I would be happy to refer him to you to do virtual visits. Just reply that you're interested and I'll link my email for you to connect.