A question about internet speeds...........
by Ty Webb (2020-07-02 10:15:45)
Edited on 2020-07-02 10:17:01

I currently get my internet through FIOS. I have the 100/100 plan. I do have an older router, the old Actiontec router Verizon used. Router is located in the basement as that's where the coax and cat cable come into the router (cat cable has to connect to router for TV guide).

I am sitting at my work computer one story up. I have been running speed tests periodically and I am getting download speeds of 25-30 and uploads of around 10-15. I have no idea if this is typical to see numbers significantly lower than what you technically are paying for. Right now, the family room TV is streaming Disney+ and my two other kids are doing some learning projects on their tablets. So clearly internet speed will be affected.

To add to this, the wife is starting a new job and will be working from home. She will be on the internet 8-9 hours a day, at least.

Should I get a new router or is the drop in internet speeds (from 100 to 25-30) typical for standard usage in a house?