Baseball visit/camp on campus
by Miller81 (click here to email the poster) (2013-01-10 13:16:06)

I am not a regular on the board, so I apologize if this topic has been covered.

A classmate of my son's (HS sophomores) is attending a camp/visit at ND sometime in the next couple of weekends. I was talking to his Dad about it (as he knew I am an alum), and he was asking me what I knew about it, which is essentially nothing.

Can I get the scoop from anyone in the know?

Sorry, Miller, I don't know...
by 2Domer  (2013-01-11 00:41:50)     Delete  |  Edit  |  Return to Board  |  Ignore Poster   |   Highlight Poster  |   Reply to Post

If you go onto the site and click on the drop down menu for baseball, it will give you at least some information regarding the camp, but it may not be what you had hoped to get here from people who have actually attended the camp.