Big12 adds the other 2 with Texas & TTU. So like SB ACC has
by Domerduck (2018-06-12 04:33:34)

In reply to: UNC is already there  posted by ShermanOaksND

only 1 team in the World Series. Maybe that team (UNC) can finally win it all like FSU did. Of course their 1st opponent (Oregon State) is the team who beat them in the final the last two times they got close. The ACC won their only College World Series when Virginia won in 2015. When Miami won their 4 (last 2001) they were independent.

The Big10 has been pretty ineffective in baseball the last 50+ years. Oregon State also just eliminated the last Big 10 team standing, Minnesota, which hasn't had a team get s close as OSU did 2006 & 2007 since 1966 when Ohio State won it all. Since then 21 current PAC12 teams have won the CWS (6 different schools), 11 SEC (5 different schools), 5 Big 12 (Texas & Ok-once), 4 Miami championships (before they were with the ACC), and ACC once as the only Power conference school champions. Of course the last NC was Coastal Carolina (Sun Belt) who joined Pepperdine (WCC), Rice (Conf-USA), Wichita State (MVC), Fresno State (MWC) & Cal State Fullerton (3x Big West) as teams from the Non Power conferences to do what the Big 10 and ND can't do anymore-compete in baseball.