Down to the Final 4 in the CWS: 1 Pac12 & 3 SEC teams
by Domerduck (2018-06-22 13:41:27)

The ACC underperformed in the NCAAs in baseball vs over performing in softball (see link) where they only got two teams in (including ND) and won it all. In baseball the ACC got 6 in with only 2 moving on to SRs despite 4 Seeded home teams in the regionals. Then only North Carolina made it to the CWS and again got eliminated by the PAC12's Beavers before the Final4 . Their win % record was only 54.8% worse than the Big 12 at 57.1% who had 5 teams in with their two seeded teams making it to the CWS but both Texas and TTU are out before the final 4. As usual the Big 10 still sucks in with their 4 teams having a 42.9% win rate. I know our coach Aoki isn't even as good as many of the Big10 coaches (especially Minnesota's) which I am sure is still Jack's standard given his inaction.

As usual the SEC is the top performing conference in baseball and now has the best chance to win the championship with only the OSU Beavers with a chance to stop them, but it will require 4 more wins with the next two against MSU must-wins. With more to play the Pac12 is currently at 66.7% vs the SEC at 67.8%. As fort he CWS the PAC 12 is on expectations as they got 2 as expected per seeds with Washington replacing Stanford. The SEC has 4 top 8 Seeds but only got 3 in tot he CWS, but they are still alive and only top seeded Florida has 1 loss. The SEC has been in 9 of the last 10 championships (since OSU won their back to back against North Carolina 2006 & 2007. The Sec has won 5 of those, the PAC12 two, the ACC (Virginia) 1 with Fresno State & Coastal Carolina breaking up the Power 5 domination in 2008 and 2016. This year the CWS was all Power 5 but probably the Big10 shouldn't count when it comes to baseball. Much like ND.