Pat did a Rosary in the dugout so they are on to the finals
by Domerduck (2018-06-24 12:58:19)

In reply to: Is the admitted child molestor still on the mound for OSU?  posted by tar

Nice article in which commented on "after a scary ninth inning that had Casey doing a Rosary in the dugout" as they got the last out with the base loaded and the winning run at bat. I did see him cross himself on TV. He is an intense coach but a great guy.

The Heimlich story is a complicated one which the kid now says his plea agreement was a means to reduce the stress on his family (see SI and Wall Street Journal recent articles). With him being already at OSU, Casey did not know about this until the NCAA's last year after Heimlich was already PAC12 POY. Still he did not pitch and it certainly affected the team. Pat I think handled it as well he could and I am sure in the future the will avoid this as policies and disclosures have been changed. I am sure a lot of schools have learned from this. The Heimlich kid has certainly had a pretty severe financial punishment given that he wasn't drafted the last two years and most would have projected him as a 1st rounder.

I still plan on rooting for the Beavers against the Hogs Monday.