Will be the second highest paid coach in college softball.
by domerduck (2018-06-26 21:14:10)
Edited on 2018-06-26 21:15:29

In reply to: Mike White from Oregon hired by Texas to coach softball.  posted by hibernianangst

From the Register Guard "White is expected to sign a five-year deal that a source close to the situation said would make White the second-highest paid coach in the nation. Oklahoma’s Patty Gasso reset the market by signing a contract through 2024 with an annual salary of $925,000 after leading the Sooners to four national championships."

He had a a six-year contract worth $1.425 million in guaranteed salary (an average of $237,500 per year) in June 2015. "According to White, who also earned $90,000 in performance bonuses last season, Oregon wasn’t interested in redoing the deal again. “They felt like I was being compensated fairly,” White said. “Obviously that wasn’t enough. They didn’t step up to the plate, so to speak. I don’t blame them. That could be resources-based.”

I doubt ND is paying even 200K for our softball coach and 6 figures for assistants which White had at Oregon, Obviously it's going to take that and more if they want to get a top notch coach. That's why I think we're best off keeping Deanna, at least as long as she keeps making the NCAAs.