I'm sure he does, but ...
by CJC (2018-06-29 15:27:01)

In reply to: I bet the Arkansas 2nd baseman who dropped popup for 3rd out  posted by NDoggie78

First, he didn't drop a popup; he overran the ball, which is certainly a misplay, albeit on a pretty difficult play.

Moreover, the more I watch the replay, the more I'm convinced that the rightfielder should bear the greatest burden for the ball not being caught.

He clearly had slowed up before the ball landed -- and almost certainly could have reached the ball before it landed, without diving or leaving his feet.

That play is much easier for the outfielder than it is for the infielder and frankly, the outfielder coming in on that ball and calling off the infielder going out is textbook fundamentals for outfield play.