Since Savvy has effectively shut down the baseball program.
by hibernianangst (2018-06-30 21:26:21)

He should move baseball to club status and add Men's Volleyball to Divison I. Notre Dame can move the Men's Volleyball club team to Division I in the Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (MIVA). The Notre Dame Men's Volleyball club team is presently in the club division of the MIVA.

While he is making the baseball move Savvy can also shut down the softball program by moving it to club status and then move the club Women's Hockey team to Division I status.

The above Savvy moves takes away the weather disadvantage of baseball and softball and the obvious inability to hire competent coaching. It also allows the land currently used by the baseball and softball field to be redeveloped as an additional revenue source such as a Notre Dame Athletic Hall of Fame Museum which charges the normal Notre Dame exorbitant admission. The Museum can also host former players who can sell their autographs and pictures with Notre Dame skimming 15% off the top. Weather will have no effect on the operation of the Museum. The Notre Dame club baseball and softball teams can play their games at South Bend city parks weather permitting.