He (Casey) most certainly was reckless
by Cards86 (2018-07-15 20:04:11)
Edited on 2018-07-15 20:12:12

In reply to: I'll answer your question-No!!! The article is reckless in  posted by domerduck

The article you reference and your comments on the subject are certainly spot on - stressful versus non-stressful innings matter. However, the job of a coach is to protect the player from himself. No player that I have ever come across willingly comes out of a game when everything is on the line. They all want the ball. All of them.

I too have some experience with this. As minor league field coordinator for a Major League club I would find it reckless and selfish to throw a pitcher 241 pitches in 5 days. We in pro ball would be fired for such use. No 18-19 year old should be asked to do such a thing. Pitches in the college World Series are inherently stressful.

Casey chased the win - no doubt. We shall see how it affects this young man moving forward. I suspect there will be some repercussions down the road.

As a side note we did not sign two of our draft picks this year due to injuries sustained during the year in college - both injuries directly related to overuse.