Go Brewers!...and Dodgers for other game (Axford from ND)
by domerduck (2018-10-01 13:38:33)
Edited on 2018-10-01 13:39:19

In reply to: Milwaukee Brewers in the tiebreaker today...  posted by 2Domer

As I was watching the game I was thinking the same about Counsel and ND and wondering what other ND players are in the playoffs. Axford is the only active player still in and not sure he'll make the playoff roster given the Dodgers only used him 5 times. The sad thing is there were only 4 active 2018 MLB players who went to ND with Samardzija, AjJ Pollock, and Mancini joining Axford.

As for Counsell since I was born in Clevelend and I hated him for 1997, it's taken me a while to forgive my fellow alumnus. But I hate the Cubs more after 2016 so the Brewers and Counsell are my favorites today and all through the playoffs,atleast until the series if they meet the Indians.